Seven years imprisonment of the owner of a mining company for polluting Pilcomayo river

ANF reports via Los Tiempos:

Seven years imprisonment of the owner of a mining company for pollution

The court determined that the owner of the mining company “Santiago Apóstol Silver & Tin”, Mario Jorge Cano Cruz, was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment at the prison in Cantumarca de Potosí for committing crimes against public health by contaminating waters that flow into The Pilcomayo River.

“The oral hearing was held in the Number One Sentencing Court in Potosí where the Public Prosecutor’s Office presented both material and documentary evidence that shows that the accused is the perpetrator of the offenses,” said the departmental prosecutor, Fidel Alejandro Castro.

According to an official statement issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the investigation showed that on July 4, 2014, at about 04:00, a siphoning took place in a tailings dam belonging to the company of Cano Cruz, located in the Community of Canutillos, locality pertaining to the municipality of Tacobamba, Potosí.

The prosecution heard the case five days after the incident and began the investigations, which determined the contamination of the waters to which the material stored in the tailings dam that suffered the siphoning.

“The inspection of the site was carried out and the route was verified that traveled the material with chemical wastes until arriving at the small streams that exist in the zone, whose waters flows in the Pilcomayo river”, added Castro.

The governorates of Potosí, Chuquisaca and Tarija were constituted in the civil part in the case. During the process, Cano attempted to demonstrate that the material of the tailings dam did not affect the rivers that are used by animals and people for consumption, but the Office of the Attorney General distorted that assertion.

Damage caused back in 2014, I believe Bolivian Justice is too damn slow!

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