Discover The Rare Birds of Bolivia

ephotozine reports:

Discover The Rare Birds of Bolivia With Eschenbach

One can find about 500 bird species in Europe. Bolivia and its unique nature has got more than the double, among which are rare and unique species.


The Red-fronted macaw
This colorful parrot can be found only in the sensitive ecosystem of Bolivia. He’s a characteristic bird of the dry valleys and few rivers of the country. There are less than 1000 individuals and the species is considered as an endangered one.

To picture the Red-fronted macaw, the ecolodge built by Armonia – a conservationist organization – close to a cliff where they live and breed is a great place.


The Hoatzin
The Hoatzin is a fascinating, surreal-looking bird. He lives mostly in the wetlands of Bolivia. The Hoatzin has a unique feeding behavior among birds: he decomposes the tree leaves he eats in his large esophagus, like the ruminants.

To discover this unique bird, plan a trip to the Amboro National Park.


The Horned Curassow
This critically endangered bird looks like a black chicken with a blue horn on the forehead. Many aspects of his life, such as breeding and social behavior, remain unknown. However, when the rainy season begins (September), his courtship calls can be heard.

As for the Hoatzin, the Amboro National Park is a great area to picture this extremely rare bird.

I just hope the coca grower caudillo’s presidency stops promoting coca plantations in National Parks and also stops pretending to drill oil/gas in those parks and indigenous land!

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