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China’s Sinohydro again highly questioned in Bolivia!

ANF reports via El Deber:

Deputy will sue Sinohydro again

Monasterio indicated that it collected new information to file another lawsuit against the Chinese company.

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-11-41-57-amCongressman Tomás Monasterio (Democrat) will activate another criminal action against the Chinese Sinohydro, despite the death threats he received by a group of people during the inspection he did to the 6.8 hectares deforested by the company on the banks of the river Surutú in the Ichilo province, and the illegal clearing on the river banks of the Piraí river.

“With the new information collected we will proceed with a second criminal action against Synohidro. I am fulfilling my work and I will ask for guarantees, and I reserve the legal actions against those who threatened me,” he said.


Ochloracy with corruption are the true brand of the coca grower caudillo who “acts” as president over the last eleven years …

Chinese companies have been questioned for their improper management of Bolivian labor force as well as predating the environment. Wildlife is not safe under the Chinese malfeasanments.

The masismo has done nothing but generate anarchy and sprout corruption and violence!