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Bolivia says 2016 inflation was 4 pct, up from 2.95 pct in 2015

Reuters reports:

Bolivia says 2016 inflation was 4 pct, up from 2.95 pct in 2015

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-8-15-06-amBolivia’s inflation rate for full-year 2016 was 4 percent, the official National Statistics Institute (INE) said on Friday, well under the government’s 5.3 percent target but higher than the 2.95 percent rise in consumer prices in 2015.

The economy ministry estimated inflation will be 5 percent in 2017, with economic growth of 4.8 percent. [this chart is from The Economist, published yesterday in this blog]

In December alone inflation was 0.29 percent, the INE said.

It reported November inflation of 0.42 percent, up from 0.37 percent in October.

(Reporting by Daniel Ramos; Editing by Meredith Mazzilli)


Remember that this government had total control of ALL State powers for the past eleven years. Thus, there is no one but themselves to be blamed for their blunt incompetence.

$180 billion dollars wasted, no single sustainable development was created during this presidency.