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Bolivia: President Evo Morales’ Ex-Girlfriend to Face Six Criminal Charges

Sabrina Martin reports in PanAm Post:

Bolivia: President Evo Morales’ Ex-Girlfriend to Face Six Criminal Charges


The ex-girlfriend of Bolivian President Evo Morales will be tried for six crimes after being found to have been allegedly involved in cases of influence peddling and falsification of documents.

According to the investigations, Gabriela Zapata received Bs 1.9 million and USD $ 482,000 in payments after being hired by the Chinese company CAMC.

According to the local daily El Deber Zapata is accused of money laundering, misuse of public goods and services, use of counterfeit instruments, ideological falsity, and criminal association.

Zapata could be facing a maximum 10 year sentence for the crime of money laundering, the most serious charge she faces. Cristina Choque and Jimmy Morales, others key defendants in the case, face an eight year sentence for misuse of state property.

According to court documents Zapata deposited sums of Bs 1,900,047 and USD $ 482,400 into her bank accounts; money that was used to purchase an apartment in Cochabamba, two vehicles, and shares in a construction company.

She also received payments of USD $50,000 and USD $10,000 in order to help two individuals acquire casino licenses.

“The Chinese company CAMC hired her as a commercial manager, when she lacked the necessary qualifications and work experience. She was able to use this position for illicit personal enrichment,” according to the court document.

She is also charged with possession of a false identity card, birth certificate, and professional title, which is aggravating her legal situation.

According to the investigations, the president’s ex-girlfriend used false documents to work and present herself as a lawyer, while siphoning funds from multi-million dollar contracts intended for public works projects. On February 29, 2016, Zapata, ex-executive of the Chinese company CAMC was sent to jail.

President Evo Morales is currently embroiled in a political battle over his attempts to seek reelection.

Source: El Deber


The ONLY priority of the coca grower caudillo is to remain in ower ad-aeternum, he fears future trial on all wasted public funds, corruption issues, and other more obscure deals with the leaders of the so-called “socialists of the 21st century” …

He needs to respond on ALL the corruption and human rights violation cases!