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Bolivia’s Forest Loss is larger the size of Israel, El Salvador, Slovenia, Jamaica, and Lebanon combined!

A very important and alarming Sub-Editorial from Pagina Siete:

Forest Loss

deforestation el dia 15 julio 2011Bolivia ranks seventh among the 10 countries with the greatest loss of forest areas between 1990 and 2015, according to a report from the digital version of Data La Nación, from Argentina, which in turn uses data from the Statistics Unit of the Organization Of the United Nations (UNSD). [Pagina Siete cartoon 07/15/2011]

The report reveals that Bolivia went from having a forest area of 627,950 square kilometers in 1990 to having 547,640 square kilometers by 2015, that is, a reduction of 80,310 kilometers [which amounts to the sizes of Israel, El Salvador, Lebanon, Slovenia and Jamaica combined!!]. According to the ranking of countries with the greatest loss of forest areas between 1990 and 2015, Brazil occupies the first place having deforested 531,670 square kilometers (km2) in 25 years.

It is a regrettable, but obvious, reality to which, despite the complaints and state announcements of control, we can not offer an alternative. Despite warnings about how much and how deforestation influences the country’s vulnerability to climate shocks, neither the authorities nor unscrupulous citizens who promote logging on various pretexts are able to curb this dangerous environmental deterioration.


Before the total control of ALL state powers by current government, over the last eleven years … there was sustainable forestry management, the Forestry Superintendency had control of the Bolivian forest, not anymore and at an alarming rate! This is, undoubtedly a major “contribution” of this ruling ochlocracy!