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A pipeline suffers ‘puncture’ in Carrasco well

El Deber reports:

One duct suffers ‘puncture’ in Carrasco well


The villagers fear possible water pollution. YPFB Chaco closed the well and plans to send water

3 DAYS AGO [news states it happened last Wednesday, December 28, 2016]

A collection line for the Carrasco 9 well at the YPFB Chaco Carrasco plant suffered a ‘puncture’ on Wednesday [12/28/2016], causing the release of condensation film (hydrocarbon mixture).

After the puncture, the condensate spread through the area and supposedly affected the waters that supply the population. According to some settlers, the water of the taps is yellow and with a certain smell of fuel.

YPFB Chaco reported that liquid components contain less than 5% of the condensate, which minimizes the amount of hydrocarbons present in the leak. Indicated that the well was closed.

In addition, personnel were mobilized to control spills and proceeded with the containment of the fluid through the use of materials and compounds specific to this task. They have carried out on-site inspections, laboratory sample shots, and the planning of the water supply through cisterns. / HHG


I’d hate to find out, this happened as a result of poor management of that pipeline. In the past, maintenance and health, safety, security and environmental concerns were an OBLIGATION to the hydrocarbon private companies!