Fly fishing in Bolivia

Excerpts follow from an artcle by Phil Marty for the Chicago Tribune

Fly fishing in Bolivia


When you think Bolivia, you think … well, what do you think? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, maybe, but what else? It’s not one of your better-known tourist destinations, but it’s a place that serious anglers should find interesting. Frontiers has put together a trip that’s focused on fly fishing for golden dorado on the Agua Negra and its tributaries in a national park where the Amazon jungle meets the Andes. Golden dorado are known to be fighters, weighing anywhere from roughly 7 to 22 pounds. Other fish likely to be encountered are pirapitinga, yatorana and surubi. The trip is based in a jungle lodge, featuring tent cabins with electricity and private bathrooms. Price is $5,380 per person, double occupancy, which includes six full days of guided fishing, all meals and charter flights from Santa Cruz. International air, national park and Indian land-use fees and a Bolivia visa are extra. 800-245-1950,

Bolivia has SO much to offer!

We just need a sensible, sound government to protect what their demagogue claimed at their beginning, eleven years have gone by and it is time to change!

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