Huanuni mine affects four municipalities with pollution

El Diario reports:

According to the Defense Coordinator

Huanuni mine affects four municipalities with pollution

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 7.55.32 AMOruro (El Diario) .- The Huanuni mine, the first state-owned tin production from Bolivia, polluting four municipalities in the department of Oruro, by dumping its wastewater into the river that leads to the lake Uru Uru and Lake Poopó currently dry.

The President of the Coordinating Committee in Defense of Desaguadero River and lakes Uru Uru and Poopó (CORIDUP), Angel Flores, said he presented the demands of the municipalities of Huanuni, Poopó, Machacamarca and the Choro, to the Ministry of Environment and waters, but so far, “there is not even an answer.”

He said that in the documentation, it has been requested “that the minister Alexandra Moreira listen to us, and solve the poliution problems, because not only it is to build a tailings dam in Huanuni, but also carry out a process of environmental remediation”.

He explained that the soils and rivers “are contaminated, like lakes and, for that, communities are demanding an environmental remediation project, so that contaminated soil disappear, so that water quality of lakes is recovered and wildlife is guaranteed”.

For now, all that has been done is “to declare the environmental area of Huanuni river basin as an emergency, but in fact, in practice, has not made any environmental remediation plan.”

Flores said he has sent several notes to the minister, but “does not want to receive us in audience.” “We want mitigation and remediation” he said.

Bolivia reached the worst case scenario: a major lake has dried up due to mining pollution. Which was caused by poor implementation and lack of enforcement of sustainable practices under the poor leadership of the coca grower caudillo.

As a result, anarchy, insufflated by cheap demagogue and disproportionate waste of resources to accommodate to state-owned enterprises, sprouted uncontrolled.

Bolivia is reaching dangerously to a point of no return, environmentally speaking and that is only because the ruling ochlocracy can certainly do not do any better.

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