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China should answer about its “businesses” in Bolivia!

Since the Bolivian government lacks transparency and tries to just save face for his coca grower leader, China, if it regards itself as a world power, should come clean and respond to some questions regarding INFLUENCE PEDDLING!

El Deber’s Editor in Chief, Tuffí Aré has made the minimal inquiries that need to be clarified for the benefit of the countries involved and the good name of China…

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_The Company CAMC must be the most benefited with the distractive and victimization strategy that was reinforced last week in the Zapata case. There are basic questions that its executives should respond:

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.28.47 AM

1.- How do they explain to have hired the former partner of the president as office business manager without even certifying her professional title?;

2.- What role did Gabriela Zapata had in the institutional relations of CAMC in Bolivia and China?;

3.- Had Zapata have any role in contract negotiations and in some other CAMC activity with the Government after 2013?;

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.32.34 AM4.- Why did the CAMC lawyers made a strong defense of thier former manager following the complaint by Carlos Valverde and why did they fired her two weeks later?

Hardly anyone is interested in finding answers to these questions that can rebut or confirm a complaint of influence peddling. And CAMC? Calm for now.

_El Deber made “merit” to be in the fanciful invention of the ‘cartel lie’ for the following main reasons that exposed a minister in the legislature:

1.- To have opened its spaces to Carlos Valverde;

2.- To turn to defend the lawyers of Gabriela Zapata; and

3.- For the views of its columnists and opinion makers.

That is, to exit the despicable ‘cartel of lies’ and enter the virtuous ‘cartel of truth’, El Deber would have to veto Carlos Valverde, silence Zapata defense lawyers and accept in its pages only columnists that please and unconditionally endorse the versions of the government. A comfortable exit to escape the attacks of power and its followers, but fatal to our readers. Of course we faithfully stay with our readers, even though the cost is very high.