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Quitachiyú is a fruit rich in vitamin C

El Deber reports:

Quitachiyú is a fruit rich in vitamin C

It is common in the yards of homes in the Chaco and the Chiquitania, but especially in the community of San Antonio de Lomerio.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.44.49 AMMay is a time to enjoy the taste of Quitachiyú, a small fruit that has been disappearing from typical market places, but it is still common to see in some courtyards of Chaco and Chiquitania, especially in the community of San Antonio de Lomerío .

What are the characteristics?

The fruit is oval and flattened at the ends, the shell is white with tiny scales. The pulp is mealy and soft sweetish flavor, with a single seed coated with a transparent membrane. The fleshy part is edible and rich in vitamin C.

It blooms at the end of the dry season and the fruits ripen in April and May. It is a prized plant as tree yard, because it provides excellent shade.

Other details and characteristics of this fruit could be found on the Guide for edible wild fruits of Chiquitania, by Javier Coimbra Molina.

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