A beached fisherman survives five days on the Poopó lake

Pagina Siete reports:


A beached fisherman survives five days on the lake Poopó

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 10.50.22 AMOn Thursday [02/05/2015] went fishing and his boat was stuck in the mud, 10 kilometers from the shore. Salinity prevented him from walking and waited until he was rescued noon yesterday [02/10/2015].

An Uru fisherman from Llallapani village in Oruro, was isolated five days in his boat, which ran aground on the Poopó lake. A helicopter rescued him yesterday after calling for help on his cell phone and now their families expect support for medical expenses.

On Thursday, Eulogio Rios, 44, left Tajña, his community, in his boat to collect his fishing nets that had left in the middle of Oruro lake. Upon returning, he decided to take a shortcut towards Llallapani, but his boat stalled 10 kilometers from the shore through the mud, told the mayor of the area, Adrian Quispe, to the ERBOL radio.

The fisherman tried to leave on their own and loaded his gear in a punt, but the corrosive salt mud, hurt his feet and there was no more to him than to return to his ship, six feet long, with a corrugated iron deck.

Provisions had been ran out in 24 hours, on Friday [02/06/2015]. The next day, it did not prove any morsel and endured the weather, cold, wind, intense sun and the tremendous rains over the region over the weekend.

Limp and damaged feet, the Uru used his cell phone to contact his wife, Lidia Cepeda, who was instructed by him to ask for help so he could get back to his seven children who were waiting in Llallapani.

On Monday morning [02/09/2015] the woman reported on the status of her husband to Corregidor Quispe. Then, the community organized to save Rios and a rescue team composed of young, left in his search.

They took four hours to get to where the fisherman was stranded. They tried out, but the corrosive mud prevented this purpose to prosper and decided to leave coca and water they had for them.

Yesterday morning [02/10/2015] another rescue group took more food. This time they were joined by a team of firefighters, composed by some residents living in the area.

Once they were near the fisherman, he was fitted with a harness and at noon a helicopter sent by the Government arrived at the scene to rescue him. The operation was successful and led to Oruro to receive medical attention.

The fisherman came to the General Hospital and is in the Surgery section in bed 8 with a reserved diagnosis, but with signs of dehydration and anemia. However, his wife asks for help to the population to pay for medical expenses.

“I ask collaboration. We have nothing and seven children. Please, I just ask for help with the medical expenses and some for my children. They are in school,” said to the ATB network.

Rios said that he was for looking fish that are becoming increasingly scarce in the lake and survived for five days under inclement weather, thanks to the few karachis, mauris and ispis that he managed to fish.


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