Guabirá won the triple seal of social responsibility

Wendy Pinto reports for Pagina Siete:


Guabirá won the triple seal of social responsibility

The triple seal ensures that the product of the sugar company is free from child labor, discrimination and forced labor.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 7.57.08 AMThe Bolivian Institute for Standards and Quality (Ibnorca), in coordination with the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE), awarded the triple seal of social responsibility to Guabirá sugar mill in Santa Cruz.

The certification ensures that the product of this company is free of child labor, discrimination and forced labor.

“We are proud to be a great industry with the social theme that runs through the veins of each of us; it is a demonstration that we want to extend social responsibility and goes with company policy,” stated the secretary of the board of GUABIRA Mariano Aguilera.

He remarked that this is the second time the company has achieved this certification.

The triple seal to companies that voluntarily submit to an external audit is given, in which Ibnorca verifies that meets the Bolivian standards as being free of child labor, discrimination and freedom from forced labor.

Responsible for certifying Ibnorca, Rodrigo Jemio, explained that those who obtain certification are internationally recognized.

“The benefit is that an organization can demonstrate out that was audited, evaluated and it is supported by meeting the standards,” he said.

Since 2006, the IBCE worked with leading companies in the agricultural, food processing and forestry industry to meet these standards, but says it’s complicated.

“It’s difficult because it requires implementing policies in enterprises, changing the culture in the groups involved, to clean the production chain respecting the rights of people,” said General Manager IBCE, Gary Rodriguez.

Guabirá is the only Bolivian company with triple certification, other three are in the race.

The next step in the sugar mill, which has all the ISO certifications, is to obtain international legitimizations.

“We are going to register the triple seal the deal with Madrid, serves as a basis for moving to a second certification as Bon Sucro” he said.

The audit indicates that the industrial sector abides by the rules 100%, while the production and harvest sector amounted to 55%, so there were 254 camps out of 500 were reviewed.

“We do not measure investments in social responsibility, but there are more than five million dollars in environment,” he said.

GUABIRA meets social responsibility in basic services, education, mandatory health insurance for workers, construction of 184 housing program “My home” and training, among other areas.

Today IBCE and UNICEF organized at the Radisson Hotel, the Forum “Triple Seal: Free Child Labor, Discrimination Free, Free Forced Labor”.

Guabira certainly belongs to The Hall of Bolivian Fame, welcome!

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