Flooding in Beni, may have caused thousands of fish to die in the Machupo River from lack of oxygen

El Deber reports:


Thousands of fish die in the Machupo River from lack of oxygen

2014-08-22 01.14.14 pmExperts suspect that the cause of death of the shoal is due to pollution from the remains of dead animals after the floods earlier this year. Dead fish cover an area of 5 kilometers.

A committee of the Governorate of Beni visited the town of San Ramon, Province Mamore, Beni and sampled the Machupo River, where they saw thousands of dead fish floating for several days. Experts say the lack of oxygen is causing the plague.

The authorities verified that the dead fish are in an area of ​​five kilometers of the river, so the loss is considerable.

Biologists of the Beni governorate and scientists from the Research Center of Aquatic Resources (CIRA) suspect that the material dragged from the floods that affected the department earlier this year, ended up affecting the river and fish.

The urban population of San Ramon, where about seven thousand people live, is the most affected by this situation because fish consumption is part of their diet.

Fishing and selling of the river animals was banned by the municipal authorities and the governorate of Beni.


While current ochlocracy in government pushes relentlessly towards their illegitimate re-re-election, thousands of dollars are spent on video spots, propaganda for their leader and nothing, no resources were made available for the department of Beni, to help them with the damage originated on earlier year’s flooding. To have witnessed five kilometers of dead fish in this river, is outrageous!!!!

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