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Environment 101: Vicuna continues to be under jeopardy!

El Diario reports:

They oppose poaching of vicuña

2014-07-27 11.43.25 amBolivia, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Ecuador expressed their opposition to illegal hunting and smuggling of vicuna, so agreed to strengthen border controls to prevent the illegal sale of the animal.

An estimated kilo of vicuna wool is sold at more than $400, according to the National Program of Vicuña in Bolivia. Last year, Bolivia exported 373,000 kilos of fiber worth $2.9 million, almost three times more than in 2009.

Vicuna, the camelid family, living in the highlands [punas y altiplano], Peru as having the largest producer with 208,899 heads, followed by Bolivia has 136,000, more than 63,000 in Argentina, Chile with 60,000 and Ecuador 5,000.