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Bolivia is set to launch franchises to the global market

Luis Escobar reports for Pagina Siete:


Bolivia is set to launch franchises to the global market

2014-08-16 10.32.27 amNational companies and products adopt a similar business model corporations which entered the market recently.

The country is set to launch the world market franchises or business models for success. About 40 brands seek foreign markets and many others are under development.

“We demand a lot of businessmen and entrepreneurs who want to project a franchise, currently we have about 40,” reported the director of SurPlus, Elizabeth Bowles. This company is in charge of the development and promotion of these ventures.

The franchises, concessions or licenses are contractual agreements under which a parent company (franchisor), in this national event, gives a small business or an individual (franchisee) the right to do business under specific conditions.

So far, 180 foreign franchises are arriving in the country, which allowed development of domestic brands now struggling to leave the national borders.

“The development of shopping centers (malls) and economic stability attracted foreign franchises. This allowed Bolivian brands and products to understand the successful business model of expanding chain, which alone would find it difficult to carry out,” said the executive.

For example, Vanilla Coffee Company is one of the food franchises looking to expand in the country and abroad.

There are also others that were developed by SurPlus as KidsCuts dedicated to cutting hair for children; Pollos Chriss, fast food; Wrap & Roll; Mitsuba textile company and the restaurants La Casa del Camba and Jardin de Asia, among others. “These last two already reached some international markets,” she added.

“I have a successful business I have 10 branches, but I manage human resources, taxes and many other things that drive me crazy. Then the chance of the franchise system and a consulting contract (SurPlus) to develop and put everything in order so that I offer my business, “said Elizabeth Bowles, whose email is elizabeth@surplus.bo.

Provide successful business models

Franchising is a successful model because global investors when they acquire it, they purchase the brand and model that prevailed in other countries and that can be replicated.

The business has gone over errors, adjustments, losses and now has a lot of experience, because it provides with manuals with the measures, settings, number of staff and the time that the investment will pay off.