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Bolivian first female divers graduated!

Pagina Siete reports:

Lake Titicaca

The first female divers graduated

2014-08-29 07.49.12 amThe first height-female-divers graduated yesterday in the morning, in the Hall of Flags of the General Command of the Bolivian Navy, in which the closing of the First Military Basic Course for Height Ladies Diving was performed.

The commanding general of the Navy, Gonzalo Alcon, gave certificates to the students by successfully completing the instructional period. He also presented statuettes for outstanding students.

“I urge to continue with the same effort, will, responsibility and sacrifice demonstrated that during the course. Know that the work you do is not only personal, but will also benefit the institution and the country.”

Carla Lorena Padilla, one of the graduates, said: “I thank the Bolivian Navy for this opportunity I am proud to be part of the first ladies who made this course, and are now ready to perform search and rescue in open water”.

The course was made in compliance with gender equity, social inclusion and non-discrimination enshrined in the Constitution of the State values.

The first phase of training was physical, the second practice in a pool with equipment and wetsuit, plus lectures and diving physiology, physics of diving and decompression tables. The last phase was diving to 15 meters deep.


Bolivia owns possession, along with Peru, of the highest navigable lake in the world, as such was visited by Jacques Cousteau and its height posses additional constraints to deep diving. So, I am glad that those ladies are now over there to provide rescue. Kudos to them!