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Titicaca Lake: Urus ethnic population migrates due to pollution

El Diario reports:

In Lake Titicaca

Urus ethnic population migrates due to pollution

2014-08-22 09.31.41 amThe life of the Urus living on the islands of Peru, and Bolivia, is overshadowed by the growth of pollution in the waters of Lake Titicaca, which affects the health of their inhabitants and agricultural production, which has led to their migration.

The executive of the Environmental Research Center of Peru, Rita Suaña said many places have been affected by the pollution of the lake. “It is a constant concern for us who live on the lake, next to our Mamacota, where even many say it would not be livable for people,” she said.

She also made a request to the authorities of both countries to take action on the matter, since the life of the ethnic groups who, for more than 4,500 years have fought to preserve, are at risk from the effects of pollution.

Furthermore, with the expansion of pollution, the Binational Authority of Lake Titicaca (ALT) has cruised monitoring with Bolivia and Peru entities, to determine water quality and whether the contamination spread to new areas.

The studies will be presented in a month, which will show what kind of measures that should be taken to prevent contamination.