IBCE suggests an integral control on smuggled “chutos” cars

Pagina Siete reports:


IBCE suggests an integral control on smuggled “chutos” cars

Avoid gasoline sales and reward those who expose illegalities says.

2014-07-13 09.58.58 amThe Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE) and analyst Alberto Bonadona suggest a comprehensive control, both to prevent the entry of smuggled [chutos] cars as well as fuel sales and retention of these motorized.

IBCE manager, Gary Rodriguez remarked that an entity holding such position should combat smuggling, and not be limited to office work, but should assist other state institutions, such as the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary to this work to be successful in the country.

“Border controls do not work and is set to buy fuel that the car must be properly registered, but you can not blame Customs [alone], there should be sanctions to those who sell gasoline without control,” he said.

According to IBCE manager, you have to strengthen the intelligence work at service stations. For example, if a car has a cloned plate, it can be assumed its performance, increased fuel consumption and investigate the owner.

But also, to increase the sense of risk for those who violate the rules, you should create greater incentives for those who expose the movement of smuggled vehicles in small towns.

He explained that the car could be seized and a reward delivered to those who denounced the illegality and can give him the opportunity to legalize it.

Civil personnel should be send, to enter the municipalities in which there have been reports of the presence of chutos.

Economist Alberto Bonadona complemented the B-Sisa system, powered by the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) is not allowing to have a better control.

“It is assumed that all cars should travel with the B-Sisa sticker, but not all have it. Towns like Caranavi, for example, has 70% of the cars with no plates,” remarked the specialist.

Also, he said, local authorities and Transit should avoid these motorized circulation because at the border is difficult [such control].


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