Bolivian artist wins award in Canada: Marco Antonio Guzman

I welcome Marco Antonio Guzman Rocabado to The Hall of Bolivian Fame! Los Tiempos reports:

Toxic Wins Award in Canada

2014-05-12 07.29.37 amThe poster of graphic artist paceño [from La Paz] Marco Antonio Guzman Rocabado, aka Toxic Marco, was selected as picture of the 38 Montreal Film Festival 2014 to be held in August.

The results of this contest were known this Monday [5/5/2014], Toxic heard about the contest over the Internet, on a page about poster competitions.

“Well, I try to participate in as many competitions and selections as I can, even if there is no prize. I actually think it’s a good way to keep fit my work and constantly be comparing the results of what I do with the work of authors from around the world,” the artist said yesterday in an interview with Los Tiempos. [I believe this opinion says too much about the potential of this artist. He looks after challenges, doesn’t complain about his surroundings, or limitations and believes he is part of this world, he feels no less no greater than anyone else, kudos to him!]

By winning this award in Canada , Marco will receive a financial reward.

Marco’s works have been recognized worldwide and his work has been published in Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, France, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.

In 2008 he won an honorable mention at the Salon Pedro Domingo Murillo, 2012 was named among the top 10 illustrators by the Design Festival in Ukraine and last year received a mention in the Latin American Design at the University of Palermo.

I just wish there would be more Bolivians, in all fields, like Marco Antonio Guzman Rocabado!

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