Current Bolivian ochlocracy wrongdoings will affect its voting results

Carlos Cordero writes in El Deber:

The electoral defeat of MAS

Carlos CorderoPresident Evo Morales has set himself and his staff the challenge of achieving 74% of the valid votes in the elections of October 2014. This means an increase of ten percentage points from the high vote obtained in 2009 (64.2%), including the votes of Bolivians living abroad.

MAS strategists are making efforts to support the candidate – president and trust the massive delivery of infrastructure to try to change the indifference and disenchantment of voters with respect to the ruling party. Many militants rely on second reelection, often even find analyzes and commentators who take for granted the binomial electoral victory of Morales- Garcia Linera, in close conformity with the official propaganda that tries to reverse an adverse scenario , the product of all the mistakes made in the field of justice.

Making distances from those presidential expectations and those related analysis to the Government in the next election, the first major electoral defeat of MAS will occur.

The following facts and arguments will cause the electoral debacle: 1) the ruling party lost the 2011 elections and the judicial, is direct and solely responsible for the deep crisis in the Bolivian justice; 2) MAS lost the election for governor in the department of Beni; 3) The census showed that 58% of Bolivians does not subscribe to any particular ethnic group, so the myth that Bolivia is a largely indigenous counter was broken, besides of being a public expression of protest against the government; 4) the peasant indigenous movement is split; 5) intention to vote, after two constitutional terms, nine years of management and delivery of works, remains in the polls below 45%, 30 points below the President’s expectation of 74%.

Even the legitimate aspiration of Bolivians to regain our sea-coast, the nation has been politicized in favor of the ruling party candidate and not even such manipulation significantly improves intention to vote in favor of the central government.

The only thing that could give the victory to the ruling party is a vote of Bolivians abroad. But if you lose at home and wins out, it will be a pyrrhic victory. We know what comes when the electoral victory has no legitimacy.

Bolivian government has squandered the best economic times ever in our history. Has promoted violent chaos, narcotraffick, corruption at very high levels of its structure. Like most populist/socialist caudillos has inflated his ego disproportionately. Over 600 Bolivians have fed the country due to political persecution… all of the above and more has to end at the incoming elections. We need to REBUILD our country and get rid off this useless ochlocrats!

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