Over 170 million people watched this young Bolivian: Franco Miranda!!!

2013-11-09 01.39.46 pmBack in June 26, 2013, I posted this musical video where Franco Miranda, a Bolivian kid performed, over 170 million people world wide watched him and he certainly reaffirms his place in The Hall of Bolivian Fame, here is more news about him:


“I am famous thanks to my director”

The La la la hit, accompanied by the clip of the director Ian Pons filmed in Bolivia, put in scene a child who has become a star: Franco Miranda. This is his story.

2013-11-09 01.40.40 pmFranco, do you know how many people viewed your video? -Yes, many. -More than 170 million. Imagine, how many students are in your course? -25. -Well. Now, you know that in the stadium holds 40,000 people, and this figure is much lower than the number of people who saw the video of which you are the protagonist, worldwide…

In the interview, Franco, against the recorder with his fingers intersected on the table, smiling. Then watch his parents and awaits, educated, the following questions.

What does it tell your friends that you’re now famous? “Some are proud and others are jealous,” he aims simply, front camera which feels very comfortable as if he were an expert.

The next 17, Franco Miranda will be eight years old. He is the son of Franz Miranda and Julia Espinoza, resident workers in the city of El Alto. He is the second, he attends basic school Luis Espinal. And endures a common life of the children of his age, despite the fact that today, he is one of the most famous Bolivian thanks to his starring role in the music video La la la, of Naughty Boy, shot in Bolivia, and that became a global hit.

On YouTube, La la la has won unexpected reproductions in the audiovisual experience in the country; it has also won prestigious prizes in Europe, its director Ian Pons, English and the video is the result of a co-production, between Gran Angular Film, Foqus (of Bolivia) and Studio MurMur (of England), whose original vision with Bolivian elements and joint effort made possible this successful work.


Apparently, each memorable event there is a capricious hand ordering acts of an incidental way, building a puzzle of coincidences. Ian Pons arrived in Bolivia as it is ‘in passing’, with the unique offering of filming “In limbo”, from Landshapes, (about the fighting cholitas); during the filming, he met Franco, whose mother works as responsible for cleaning one of the producer companies. “Ian, saw him, recognized the acting power and said that he wanted to shoot a video with him. “later came the offer of the filming of La la la”, says Yamil del Villar, Manager of Gran Angular Film.


For the filming, he [Franco] had to get up at five in the morning and be exposed to cold temperatures. Franco has been recognized his innate histrionic abilities, despite not receiving courses on the subject. Noteworthy also his predisposition and fast learning. “What I liked most was the salar de Uyuni. The soil was white salt. The worst was to be in the mines, I was afraid of the Tio,” he admits. [Tio stands for uncle in Spanish, but it is the name of the devil that haunts miners while inside the mountain, it is part of the Bolivian folklore.]

Ian Pons is located in London, but is projected to return to the country at the end of the month and plans to film a video with his little star. Franco feels grateful to Ian: “I am famous thanks to my director”, ends.


1. La la la. With Bolivian elements, it tells the story of a deaf child that runs the city healing with their cries to the people in its path.

2 Awards. The clip won best video at the Mobo and best new artist video in the UK. It competes in other nominations.

3 Career. Franco has works in the field of advertising. He has participated in two spots, where he appeared with his mother. His new work will be known soon.


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