A Bolivian program on the internet changed the face of Physics! Kudos to Humberto Portocarrero

Alejandra Pau reports for Pagina Siete:

A program on the internet changed the face of physics

Education: Teacher Humberto Portocarrero created the program Hyumbert 73, which airs live and online, making this science learning fun.

2013-07-06 10.24.59 amThis space breaks the myths that Physics is boring and complex learning. Hyumbert73 is a Bolivian teaching program of physics that airs every Friday at 19:15 live over the internet.

This initiative was born from the mechanical engineer and professor of physics Humberto Portocarrero, known for his “cool” and his different classes, which not only are used in teaching examples, but technological tools that go along with the interests of the youth.

The program, whose transmission is made by Twitch.tv, in the http://www.twitch.tv/hyumbert73 link, is a regular course of Physics addressed to students from freshmore through senior in high school, in addition to the solution of problems on the blackboard, including animations, funny, interviews, jokes and other sectors of interest to the students.

The study from which is transmitted Hyumbert 73 is located in the hall of the house of Portocarrero, in the area of Alto Obrajes. The Professor reverses six or eight hours of planning during the week for their program which airs every Friday since April.

“After teaching for so long in school and in college I realized that it is always necessary to innovate (‘).” Some years ago I started working with low-cost digital whiteboards, then a tablet and a pen mouse; subsequently opened a blog with a multimedia system for solving physics exercises”, recalls the creator of the program.

It was that constant search – that only passionate about education can have – that saw one of his students using a regular program, gamers, a game online called Twitch.tv, where young users transmit their best moves for everyone to see. It occurred to him then make a program not for games, but physics.

Today, using the Xsplit program, transmitted by Twitch.tv. It was initially live exercises where connected persons consulted on a specific topic.

Young Team, fresh ideas

The one in charge for putting everything up was just a gamer student of Portocarrero, and today Hyumbert 73, Carlos Martínez switcher. However, the program that already has 11 deliveries, didn’t take too much time to grow.

Since not always young people can see the live program, as it explains Portocarrero, each of them is loaded on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/hyumbert73) where you can see all recorded deliveries, determined physical exercises, as well as other additional.

His team is composed, in addition to Martinez, by another three, senior students of the San Ignacio high school, and his son 11-year-old Nicholas, all of them are interested in the technology, the means of communication, design, photography and performance.

Michelle Ponce, besides being the co-host of the program, does take to the streets to ask questions about the everyday life of young people and their concerns.

“The questions we have asked young people include for example, how would they like to be the classes, what relationship issues have or if they believe that technology helps education.” But have also talked with psychologists explaining the topic from a professional perspective,” says.

Nicolas is in charge to the advances of the program from different points of the city and in addition to tell jokes. For him, it is very important to put the spark to the program. “We invite the people to see us from places like a sushi restaurant, for example. And as a result attract audience” says.

Víctor Armaza is the site Hyumbert 73 Manager and is responsible for promoting the program through social networks.

“People see the program, get in touch with us and send us their queries and questions about the topics of physics to transmit them to Humberto and that can resolve their concerns,” explains Armaza.

Portocarrero is the only person who is in charge of economically sustaining the program. This project currently has hundreds of followers on Facebook, Twitter and thousands of hits on YouTube.

Pamela von Vacano takes charge of the cameras and lighting. “For all of us it’s a great experience because we are learning in the areas in which we specialize when we are a professional”, he says.

The engine of this team is that life is responsible for giving many things and even when you think that you are not in a place that you want to be, always something can be given in return for what one receives. You only need to have passion for what you do and in the case of Hyumbert 73 is the passion for technology and the science that studies the properties and the behavior of energy and matter.


Great example for what Bolivians can do and reach worldwide audiences, let alone help our own students, I welcome Humberto Portocarrero de The Hall of Bolivian Fame!!

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