Bolivian justice drowning as a result of central government interference!

Jimmy Ortiz Saucedo writes for Los Tiempos:

Justice of the MAS does not hold water

Jimmy OrtizIn July I wrote an article entitled “Dangerous experiment with the Bolivian justice”, where I said: “is very irresponsible to play with justice! In it lies freedom guarantees, the goods and democracy of a civilized country”.

And it was really too much irresponsibility what populism made with justice, it was now clear. The Bolivian people sensed, with their innate wisdom, that this would be a hoax. Not another thing was the high degree of rejection expressed in white, and null votes in the “election” of October 16, 2011.

With these results, the “elections” should have been cancelled. But no, his Excellency got his way, knowingly that the people would suffer, although it would do well for him; included his re-reeleccion. To sworn-in unlawful magistrates, who lost the popular election, was a big lie.

The bad justice we had turned worse, the change was for the worst. The citizen who has the misfortune to have to recourse to justice, for their large and small problems, knows it: slowdown, ineptitude, “free” justice, discrimination and lack of respect for the law, are their most important attributes. Said a headline of the newspaper El Diario (4-05-13): “La Paz citizenship feels deceived by judicial authorities chosen by politics”.

The only qualitative progress that has taken the multinational justice is the judicialization of politics and the emergence of networks of corruption; linked to high levels of the Government. It only takes to see authorities chosen by popular vote, the case of Leopoldo Fernández, the ‘terrorism’ case and the case of Jacob Ostreicher.

So obviously is the debacle of Justice, that authorities of Government and the judiciary do recognize it. See these headlines: “Garcia Linera recognizes slowdown of Justice in the case of extortion and corruption network” ( – source ATB 10-12-12).

“Four judges support to Hurtado; his wife accuses him of assault”(diariocrí 18-04-13). “The magistrates of the TSJ accuse themselves of being coup d ‘ état supporters” (El Dia 27-04-13). ‘The Government regrets the internal crisis in the judiciary’ (La Razon 30-04-13). “Judge Von Borries: ‘justice is worse than before,'” ( 2-05-13). To part confession relay test [an Spanish say that says here there is enough evidence to proof what I’ve just said…]

The reality of the Bolivian people, living in a high degree of helplessness is tragic. A State where politics is worth more than the law, and violent men have more “rights” than do peaceful citizens.

We have returned to a Natural State, a pre-constitutional State, where the law of the jungle reigns. “Natural Law which is standard to the strength and the desire of each of the persons. The possibility of conflict is always present”. A State where public policies are decided in the streets, with strikes and roadblocks. “There are no social contracts, nor legal limits governing the relations.” And to finish it grinding, without justice there is no democracy.

The author is a lawyer

So, this is our sad reality, just hope Bolivian voters come to their senses and amend this mess!!

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