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Exceptional room for improvement: Bolivian productive businesses!

El Diario reports a striking reality! Why is that we have very little numbers of productive businesses?! Initial answer targets weak and awkward public policies as they do not do what they are supposed to: promote investment on job and value-added creation!

Two of every thousand companies are large and productive

2013-06-10 08.01.48 amIn Bolivia, two of every 1,000 companies are large and dedicated to the productive sector and two of every 100 companies are small and medium productive enterprises (SMEs), according to the report of the Ministry of productive development and plural economy, based on data from INE, broadcast on the “economic table” of the National Chamber of Industries.

The report indicates that in the country there are 664,302 companies between productive, commercial and services, of which, 1,329 are large companies in the productive sector (0.2%) and 12,121 are SMEs (1.8%) of the productive sector.

Among 1,329 large productive enterprises in Bolivia, 590 correspond to the Department of Santa Cruz, 362 La Paz Department, 280 to the Cochabamba Department, 62 to the Department of Tarija, 16 to the Department of Beni, 10 to Oruro Department, 6 to the Department of Chuquisaca and 3 to the Department of Potosí.

Among the 12,121 productive SMEs, 4,425 are from the Department of Santa Cruz, 2,788 from the Department of La Paz, 2,655 from the Cochabamba Department, 647 of the Department of Tarija, Beni Department 500, 452 of the Department of Chuquisaca, 343 of the Department of Oruro, 205 of the Department of Potosí and 106 of the Department of Pando.


We have indeed a very little economy, that may be why most of the world’s economic shocks do not hit us so hard. We may have a “cushion” in laundered money on illegal activities such as cocaine production and goods being smuggled to the country… which they also had an increase in violence and drug/alcohol addiction. everything is tied up, and certainly we need to grow, we need to be more competitive if we want to survive!