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Good news for Bolivian entrepreneurs to manage risk!

Gonzalo Lopez reports for El Deber:

Business Monitor was born, to facilitate business

The first experience will be in Santa Cruz, then it will be repeated in La Paz and Cochabamba. It will have a powerful tool to manage risks

2013-06-24 07.50.28 amBusinessmen know that when they open their portfolio of investments in a market, risks exist, whether they like them or not. Can they be controlled? The answer is no, but it can be prevented through the construction of future scenarios from a current situation.

In this context, it was born in novel ways in the country the project called Monitor Business, product of an alliance between El Deber newspaper, the Chamber of Industry, Trade, Services and Tourism (Cainco) and the company in applied social research Equipos Mori Bolivia.

The first exercise will be in Santa Cruz, then it will be in La Paz and in Cochabamba, bearing in mind that in these three regions, 75% of the Bolivian economy is concentrated.

With more than fifty entrepreneurs, leaders of Santa Cruz employers, economists, teachers and experts from different sectors, the responsible for commanding the project, Alfredo Baigorri, explained the Delphi methodology for this strategic enterprise.

The profile of the final executive document will be for the entrepreneurs like a ‘roadmap with early warning lights’ that mark them the direction of opportunities of investment and new business in an economy with a gross domestic product (GDP) of $28,704 million dollars.

Executives will have the opportunity to access privileged information that will help them to read and interpret the political, economic and social agendas signals and make decisions to better manage risks and crisis situations.

In addition, they will have an instrument to measure their steps and make changes to the measure, based on linking the local and national scenarios with the international.

For the construction and screening of scenarios (economic, political and social), Baigorri, said that a panel complied with experts of the highest level (economists, sociologists, political analysts) and entrepreneurs was created.

Panel of specialists

The frequency of Executive Business Monitor reports will be half-yearly. Today will be the preparatory meeting with invited experts.

The panel on which the guests present and based their defense on the basis of current information then submit it to debate and bring a final report, is expected for June 29.

In judgment of the President of the Cainco, Carlos de Chazal, access to first-hand information will allow entrepreneurship to generate more employment, bearing in mind that when it comes to investing, risks will be minimized.


The scenarios should not be as volatile

Marcelo Nunez / Santa Cruz Economists Association President [CESC]

The truth is that this type of study is needed because the population, and not only entrepreneurs, should know what future scenario would be. The Government tells us that we are to grow 7%, I do not agree with this idea, we will be in a 5.5%.

It is beneficial for everyone because it will push a little to the Government so that the scenarios are not so volatile and that keep stability especially from the political point of view.

In this last time, we have seen how much affected the decline in exports, has created a series of taxes to banking, the production of alcohol and sugar cane and others. All that makes the stage vary and sometimes entrepreneurs see their actions vary as their profits are reduced.

The last month has been conflictive due to the mining sector issue.

Utility and applications

1. It allows to develop strategic plans

2. To recognize the context of businesses of a region

3. To identify the scope of investments and new business

4. To determine the sustainability of a model

5. Define the scope of management for the private leadership

6 Design strategies and define areas of opportunities


“It is important to have that tool and manage that information that guides and facilitates decision-making that are deep”

Gabriel Dabdoub / President of the FEPSC

“We are at the service of good causes, to initiatives such as to provide the business sector with an important tool”

Pedro Rivero Jordán / El Deber Director