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Why did current Bolivian gov “fabricated” a holiday?!… actually they made up two…

Osney Martinez writes for La Prensa:


June 21 is approaching, the Andean-Amazonian new year’s day, do you think that is a relevant event for the country?

Osney MartinezThe so-called Andean-Amazonian new year absolutely does not have any relevance to the country. I think that it is an invention of the current Government, which has created an unnecessary holiday that only causes economic damage to all.

Actually, the Government has invented this Andean-Amazonic new year holiday, because although it is true that in some parts of the country, certain rites are made at this time, in the Amazon region from which I come, this system over the years count is not contemplated.

In the towns of the Amazon Plains, this calendar is not used or doesn’t even have one, because the culture of these Peoples is guided by parameters different from those used on the Andean heights of the homeland.

And what is worse, as all holiday, costing us much at all, like on January 22, which is another invention of the current Government, which forces us to cripple the productive activities to remember the birth of a new State, which is not true.

The Government intends to forget our history and the relevant fact that Bolivia had been recognized as a sovereign nation many years before, in 1825. They pretend to forget all our features and consider us only one State.

I think that there are unnecessary holidays and others that should be applied to the annual calendar, as for example, the mother’s day. Rulers filling the mouth when speaking of equality, affirmative action, and should, for example, accept that one day a year, the women who are mothers can feel really special and all pay them the tribute they deserve.

Admittedly, in any case, that all holiday causes losses throughout the country, because the productive activities are disrupted, that they reached a certain rhythm, which costs much return to achieve, when you normalize the work in the country.

I find that there are two holidays that are useless, harmful and which do not represent any thing for the vast majority of Bolivians. The inventions of the Government are extremely harmful and, in the long-term, cause losses to all.


Bolivia needs to work, to be productive and that is the only way to fight poverty! Cheap demagogue of current central government!