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Bolivians do not want lynching as a result of the “change” that current gov advocated for…

Change was part of current Bolivian president’s speech, instead of a rational and proactive change, it ended up regarding his hate and resentfulness over the colonial times in Bolivia, the capitalism, the western culture and his insane egocentric style to think that nothing good came out from Bolivia until he ended as president, is showing macabre results that places us as savages in the most strict sense of the word…

EFE reports in Los Tiempos:

The representative of the United Nations does not believe it is community justice, but loss of confidence in the administration of Justice

UN calls on Bolivia stop lynchings

2013-06-13 08.59.29 amThe Office of the United Nations for human rights (OHCHR) urged yesterday the Bolivian authorities to take “decisive action” to stop the lynchings, after registering in recent weeks four new acts committed by groups that say avail themselves of [having exercised] “community justice”.

The representative in Bolivia of the OHCHR, Denis Racicot, said that the Agency rejects this alleged form of applying justice and that it already asked several times “actions agreed by the authorities of the State to find solutions” and “eventually eradicate the practice in the country”.

“To overcome and eliminate these malpractices totally reprehensible, because they violate many human rights of people who are being killed or seriously injured, it must be a decisive, concerted action by the authorities,” said.

He added that “it is a phenomenon that is difficult and complex combat, but have to work in this direction to achieve results and it is feasible” to achieve it.

Racicot said today that recent lynchings and others that previously occurred “have no relation with the original Aboriginal justice” and, on the other hand, are “abusive and incorrect use of community justice”.

“They are people who decide to take the law into their hands, in some cases because they have levels of dissatisfaction with the administration of Justice and that should not be analysed as cases of application of the original indigenous justice,” he insisted.

Several cases

In the last two weeks, two men 17 and 21 years old, accused of robbing a taxi driver were burned alive by peasants in Potosi, whereas in Cochabamba, drivers and peasants captured, beat and set fire to six so-called “auteros” [car thieves], of which one died.

Indigenous and local groups tend to justify torture and murder against suspected criminals claiming that they apply the “community justice” enshrined in the Constitution enacted in 2009, although the Government of Evo Morales denies that the murders are part of the judicial system.


The murder of the military man and his wife at the hands of coca growers in the Chapare remains still unsolved… lynching has caused too many deaths in the last seven years in Bolivia. People are afraid to travel through the Chapare or any other rural town, for fear of being accused of something and instead being robed, badly hurt and probably murdered. Lynching is also used as a perfect excuse to cover up narco trafficking activities, whereas to cover their illegal business or get rid of “competition”.

Lynching, that changes Bolivia… towards a Somalia or Afghanistan… is anarchy the only thing that this government can show as a “change”??!!