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There was a name for current Bolivian government “style”: Ochlocracy!!!

Eudoro Galindo writes in El Diario:

Democracies get sick and die

Eudoro GalindoTwo are the causes why democracies get sick and die. The first occurs when a tyrant in power enter the Government with majority support of the population who expressed electorally. The experience of Germany when Hitler came to power democratically, showed mankind the tragedies that can cause a demagogue with popular support. Nazism should be a permanent reminder of the risks that the electoral perversion leads to the democratic system. There will be opportunity in the near future to address this issue.

The above mention, is not the only degeneration that can kill a democracy. Two centuries BC the Greek historian Polybius identified the “ochlocracy” or the tumultuous masses trigger when they impose the “tyranny of the uncultivated majority“.

The ochlocracy is the worst of all political systems, the last state of the degeneration of power. Polybius describes a cycle of six phases from a despotic regime that evolves into a monarchy, that eventually turns into an aristocracy, which passes into an oligarchy, which, in turn, is replaced by a democracy, while more gentle, greater demands are imposed [to democracy], up to be suffocating. At that time they disorder resurrects, violence and anarchy, moment in which the only thing to do is wait for the providential man who can put in order the fractured society. According to Polybius, this was the process that was experienced by the Peoples of antiquity: Dictatorship, Monarchy, Aristocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy, Ochlocracy… to return to Dictatorship, rebooting the fateful cycle.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau defined “ochlocracy” as the depravity of the democracy, which involves the denaturation of the general will, when they begin to surface defects in the interests of a few, ignoring everything else.

The Scottish philosopher James Mackintosh defined ochlocracy as “the authority of the populace corrupted and tumultuous, the despotism of the bustle, inconsistent with a people’s Government“. His perception arose from the wildest expression of degeneration of the will of the majorities: the lynching.

A lynching is the violent execution of one or more persons by a crowd. The origin of this word comes from Charles Lynch, a judge in the State of Virginia, USA, who, in 1780, ordered the execution of colonists loyal to the English Crown without giving place to defend themselves in a fair trial.

A lynching is the attack by a group of people with the aim of killing or inflicting severe punishments to the victim of the popular fury. [criminal stories like the one in this link, illustrate the infamous “community justice” that this government is encouraging, let alone blunt anarchy!]

The practice of lynching has acquired alarming regularity in countries where they have emerged as a majority force, certain violent groups. Unfortunate example is the Republic of Colombia, where with the emergence of irregular armed groups, began to happen extra judicial executions.

In Latin America, with the electoral victory of the popular movements, has increased the frequency and cruelty of different forms of lynching.

Eudoro Galindo is a writer.


Exceptional analysis, so lets turn this over, vote for someone else other than current political party in power and those who were with them before and are now seeking for electoral votes, do not trust them! Lets revert the infamous MAS Ochlocracy!