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Great challenge for current Bolivian central gov! Will they have the guts?

Carlos Federico Valverde Bravo writes for El Deber, his wonderful proposal should be accepted by current central Bolivian government. From the very top to the bottom, the MAS regards themselves as the owners of the voters’ preferences… they always claim that there is no such opposition… well, I like to see them accepting Carlos’ sound proposal!

Amnesty for a true democracy

Carlos ValverdeIn 17 or 18 months, the country is going to elections. The ruling party already began its campaign, opponents are trying to be ‘opposition’; citizen speaks of the subject whenever they can; the mainstream media heat the pre-pre-electoral environment (regarding the re-re-nomination) and there are important issues that do not touch, are not named and are not posed to make an absolutely democratic electoral process. I am referring to the need to achieve national reconciliation with a view to the elections, and that reconciliation is, necessarily, an unrestricted Amnesty to all prisoners and persecuted politicians that there are in the country.

I know that the Government is going to argue that in the country there is no political persecution nor political prisoners, but is an undeniable fact (even seen by the IACHR) that politics has been “judicialized” and that the judicial system of the country is taken by the Executive branch. In Bolivia there is a tremendous politicization of Justice and that is noted with the use of prosecutors and judges; and there are delays of Justice.

In this country there are processed people without sentence, carrying imprisonment longer than that established by law. This legal situation is causal of extinction of the process. Remember, as a precedent, that the same Vice President was benefited with freedom by the slowdown of Justice. [when he practiced terrorism and was caught… something he acknowledges “proudly”]

To these basic arguments, it is difficult that we can speak of full democracy in the country if not all citizens can participate in an electoral process as voters or elected people, so it would not be bad that the political system emerges, before going to elections, and restore political freedoms to the full and unrestricted exercise of citizenship rights.

The Government can argue whatever it wants, but things are clear: there is no real democracy in any State if its citizens can not participate in democratic institutions and Governments keep a mechanism of persecution to its nationals because of their political ideas; is through the courts, either by the demonization of political practice. It depends on politicians; not by journalists neither by the Church, the two most credible institutions in the country