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Bolivian foreign debt is growing and NO results are envisioned to fight poverty or create sustainable employment, WTH!!

El Diario reports:

24 Million of growth occurred in five months

Bolivian external debt amounts to $us 4.306 million as of June 14 [2013]

El Diario logoThe Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) released the balance of the debt of medium and long terms, calculated on June 14, 2013 in the sum of $4,306 million dollars and representing $24 million more than the level registered on December 31, 2012, whose number amounts to $4,282 million dollars.

The figures contained in a specialized report released by the issuing body, designates as last record of June 14, 2013, registering as a final stop the sum of $4,282 million dollars and classified by creditors to three types of funding sources.

It was considered by its importance to multilateral bodies that represent 71% of the total of creditors, followed by the so-called bilateral agreements 17%, and then by creditors with 12%.

The report notes that on May 31 this year, disbursements reached the sum of $177.6 million, while the State paid for debt service $200.5 million, signifying amortization of $158.4 million and interests and commissions $42.3 million. Of this total, $83.2 million were for short-term liabilities and $117.3 million were paid for long-term.

The report also recorded that debt with the People’s Republic of China continues growing, reaching $371 million to May 31 of this year and rose in $80 million on December 31, 2012.

• In five months has increased external debt


… and they say they can teach economics… this government was extremely lucky to benefit from economic actions that happened well beyond their control or doing: high international prices of our commodities and foreign debt condonation that started back in the 90s… despite that and the possibility to do great things for Bolivia, embarked in useless stupid issues like changing the name of our country, generating other symbols and demeaning our mestizo heritage.

As any other socialist/populist government around the world, they are no different, they just want to perpetuate in power and believe that everything before them was a mistake and they are SO correct in their actions! poor Bolivia!