Important questions to validate Bolivian gov demagogue “style”…

Humberto Vacaflor writes for El Diario:


Bolivia changes? Does Evo fulfill his promises?

Humberto VacaflorBy having received five times more resources than previous Governments (thanks only to the high prices of raw materials), has the MAS fulfilled its promises with Bolivia?

National Unity, the party led by Samuel Doria Medina, has cast doubt on this and has made an assessment of the program “Bolivia changes, Evo meets”.

What has most annoyed the Government is that Doria Medina said that the abusive use of resources is equal to “reserved expenses” of previous Governments (neo-liberal).

In five years, the MAS has spent $438,706,300 on this program, with an annual average of $87.6 MM dollars.

The resources used by the neo-liberal governments were a little less: an average of $50 MM dollars per year.

Previous Governments had the obligation of reporting reserved expenses to the Comptroller’s Office, as it was then called a public distribution which has now been absorbed by the Executive.

The stronger data: in a town of Cochabamba, where there is no water or electricity, no sewerage, the MAS has built three soccer fields on a block.

There are many other questions:

• From where do those resources came from?

• If it is a donation, who are the donors?

• Are there any donors who belong to the illegal sector of the economy? It is known that the Governments of Libya, Iran and Iraq, among others, contributed to this Fund. But there are no names of individual contributors.

• If it is a donation, what was offered in exchange by Bolivia? Any guarantee for illegal activities?

• If it is not a donation, but a credit, how are these resources registered in the TGN?

• If it is a loan, how could it be explained that the country engages in debt to make a particular Government, on behalf of a specific President, do proselytizing?

• If it is an expenditure with resources from the TGN, as says the Vice President, where are these expenses recorded?

• How do you explain that a program of investments with Bolivians money, of taxpayers ‘ money, are spent in a program that has a proper name, as if it were proselytizing?

• Will future Governments have freedom to spend public resources, without having to account in the same way?

• Is this a case of appropriation of public resources for personal, private use? Does the SIN collects for Presidents’ expenditures?

• If it were possible that in the United States a program, launched using public resources, which would be called “U.S. is changing, Obama is the best”. American taxpayers would have grounds for an impeachment (Constitutional Impeachment).

Need to say more? absolutely not, is crystal clear! Just hope Bolivian voters elect with more judgement this time! Current president is just a plain sorry resentful demagogue!

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