Bolivia loses big time with absurd irresponsible export quotas!

Current government, over the last seven years and in its self delusional way, has created state-owned enterprises which remain idle. Along that path and in a clear irresponsible way, has shown extreme hate towards capitalism and private ventures. So, they created the export quotas and are damaging, in a way they will never realize, the Bolivian people who they claim they protect…

From Pagina Siete:


Producers asked to expand export quotas

Pagina SieteBeef producers have a surplus of 12,000 metric tons a year and are looking for green light to improve their export volumes, which were just 0.28%.

Monday marked a year since was allowed a first quota of selling abroad for Bolivian meat, after four years of veto. Since then, generated a total of 1,028 metric tons, generating new jobs and contributing to the economic dynamics of the country.

“But this volume is negligible considering that the annual supply exceeds the 210 thousand metric tons”, reported the Confederation of livestock owners of Bolivia (Congabol).

This annual supply, the domestic market consumes only 198 thousand tons, leaving a surplus of 12,000 metric tons of meat that are not consumed nor exported.

Faced with this situation, the Congabol seeks to increase the permitted quota for export, which currently is 2,000 metric tons. Bolivia exports 60 grams of meat per person, while Paraguay exports 22 kilos.

The sector recognizes that the Government gave a positive signal last year when it authorized sales, however believes that it is the right time to give a new impetus to this dynamic, allowing to place the oversupply on outside markets.

Therefore, farmers ask Government approval of a new quota for export, without bureaucratic impediments and support in the opening of markets at political and sanitary levels.

The external sales restrictions began in 2008.

Instead of thinking on bonuses to the population, current government should support the private sector with sound policies, is that too much to ask for?! After all that is the only job they need to do!!

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