Bolivia is losing its forest damn fast due to irresponsible governmental inaction…

Bolivia who used to be the first country in the world with sustainable management of natural forests [USAID funded BOLFOR project which was a great example to the world] is now in the verge of losing our environment. On top of this, current gov is also targeting to National Parks which belong to our future citizens!! Due to the failure of finding not only new investors but also to discover new gas/oil wells, they intend to go the easier way, damaging our heart, our wildlife, our nature… so much for those misleading self-portrait defenders of mother earth!

From El Diario, an editorial:

Frightening tree-felling

El DiarioThe destruction of forests over the past seven years – predation which consisted of the deforestation of around 5 million hectares – is a terrifying fact for the economy nationally and, more serious, because it occurred in the midst of a nearly delirious proclamations of the ruling party in the sense that it was going to protect nature and to safeguard natural timber resources, scare of the environment, prevent the erosion of soils and others. The complaint is more serious because for the fields deforested in the past six years, those statistics far exceed the statistical levels in the twenty previous years.

The destruction of this amount of forest sources is equivalent to more than 10 percent of forests and, in other words, to 5 per cent of the national territory, really creepy numerical proportions, that is not given any importance, while on the other hand, official mechanisms are engaged in major tourist trips to all parts of the world, expensive folk festivals (island of the Sun, Tiquipaya) and traditional, huge partisan and bureaucratic expenses (summits, congresses), etc., [neglecting to tackle] data explaining the huge climatic changes that occur around the world.

When we expected a healthy news on the part of the various authorities of the current Government, in sense to know that the process of deforestation came to an end, we have the sad information that, rather, such a phenomenon is moving rapidly, as revealed, in proportional concepts, the devastation of fields, forest, in many cases of fine woods, instead, on the other hand, appear eroded lands with a tendency to become unproductive sands, i.e. of some five million hectares of dead soil.

To that crime against nature, another one would add, which would be that the Government, complacent with the landowners, would dictate a “forgiveness” [perdonazo] for the authors of such predation that, anywhere in the world, would be a crime not only against nature, but against the population, resulting in direct pollution victim, poverty and not to mention the food insecurity.

In another aspect, as well as encouraging the felling of forests and “to congratulate” those guilty of this problem, offering them the forgiveness of their sins and abiding tranquility, confirmed that this policy will be extended, since is not adopted any measure to the contrary, not to be a fleeting statement that those lands now deforested will be cultivated, to apply a so-called “food security”offer that day that passes is more distant, as revealed by the fact of the fall of agricultural production at a general level, except of the coca leaf.

The destruction of forests is very easy, the reconstruction of them is almost impossible. However, unscientific beliefs of senior officials of the State have come to the end of ignorance by promising that those five million hectares will be devoted to food crops, to achieve food security, something that is truly a clumsy ruse to conceal a true attack against the nation, but for the Constitution, it does not exist.

As an immediate solution to solve this problem, that person who handle the Ministry of Rural Development would have to be an agronomist, out of the hundreds who are without a job or, finally, a political figure not only specialized on technical aspects, but on high agricultural policy. In any case, it should be remembered that there are no technical problems, but political problems.

The practice to lay smoke screens to hide the reality continues in these times, shaped equal or worse than with liberal and neo-liberal governments, that is to say that anti-capitalist parties, anti-imperialists, Socialists and other piles of broken bricks, they are the same “chola” [person] with a different skirt, according to popular wisdom saying.

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