Bolivia under induced coma or just central government failures to honor Bolivian society?!

Susana Seleme writes for El Deber:

Induced coma

Susana SelemeInduced coma is a sedation under medical control to cause loss of consciousness in a seriously ill person. Applies to control anxiety, calming the patient, diminish physical pain, minimize psychological traumas and induce amnesia.

Are those the reasons why keeping President Hugo Chávez de Venezuela in that limbo, more than one month ago? If his precarious state of health is so serious, he deserves respect. How rude is that they minimize the seriousness of the leader’s illness, who is facing the grim reaper disseminated in an invasive cancer, and undergo the citizenship to an ‘induced political coma’, through the fanfare media manipulation of the demagogue-populist, constitutional violations and extraterritorial interference.

Induced political coma are the maneuvers of President Evo Morales, studious disciple of Hugo Chávez, his patron, when he tries to calm the Bolivian society against the rabies that is provoked by his manipulations on the consciousness of the society by the big boss [current president]. As the protected network of extortionists that became scrap rascals and corrupt the administration of justice. Or as the terrorist-separatist plot against Santa Cruz, with 39 prisoners extorted, others bribed not to mention exiled and persecuted politicians.

All tracks lead to the highest authorities of the Government, according to former officials of the ministries of Government and the Presidency, they declare defendants lawyers, judges and prosecutors. But divert attention looking for culprits beyond, turn victims into criminals and denounce other extortion network: the Embassy of the United States. Purport that the verbal anti-imperialism, that practice becomes collective sedation to produce social amnesia, while they sell Bolivian bonds in the financial sanctuary of capitalism – Wall Street – and favor hard coca crops to the capitalist and millionaire cocaine production-mercantilization.

If it is already known that the Government governs the ‘democratic centralism’ Leninist thesis, why is it not pointed to Morales, the ‘vice’ and the Minister of the Presidency as responsible for so much nonsense strategy? That thesis, today is an oxymoron: meet two contradictory sense words: ‘stop mobilized’, for example, the centralism will never be democratic. Thus, they mislead the population in front of flagrant violations to the free and indispensable democratic right of thinking different, as if we were in totalitarian and dictatorial regimes.

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