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Evo’s ruling compared with that of Hitler’s; some striking similarities!

Little by little the world and specially the Bolivians are becoming aware of who and what is governing Bolivia over the last seven years… I never thought this person could become a good president, I could never trust people engaged in an illicit crop, along with those so-called leftist who are just parasites and do not want to evolve, Renzo’s writing is superb, I just feel bad for that population who trusted this sorry individual to be our president…

Renzo Abruzzese writes for El Deber:

Powerful and erotic plots

Renzo AbruzzeseTomas Mann, two months after Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, he scored in his personal diary that he had witnessed (regarding the ascension of Nazism) of a revolution never seen before, a revolution “without ideas… contrary to the most noble, the best, most decent, contrary to freedom, truth and justice”. That same sensation experienced a good part of Bolivian society against the Government of the MAS. The hope that the new regime embodied a renewal capable of deleting those large deficits of agreed-democracy, has been pulverized, the Government of the MAS exceeded with merits all the defects of all styles and democratic procedures throughout the colony and the Republic, and the only thing left is a bitter taste of corruption and immorality that stains it from beginning to end.

When the MAS took the power, all its political operatives of the regime engaged in telling to show the immediate past (neo-liberal) as the darker stage of Republican history. They were even proposed to rewrite history. There was not a single act of liberal governments that did not obey to an act of evil, immoral, corrupt and anti-patriotic; the stereotype has turned against them much before the predictable, today it is possible to say without fear of making mistakes that the moral quality and ethics of the Government – by the evil side – exceeded any limit set by any previous Government.

It is not that the Government does not have suitable people, surely there are many officials who earn their living honestly working for him, it’s that the State has been corrupted, lost the notion of ethical boundaries, his drunkenness has concluded showing embarrassing sex scenes on State campuses whose protagonists are part of the governing party. The moral quality of the MAS it is in debate. No longer serve the massive television messages and undaunted coldness with which its operators and ideologues misrepresent the facts, no longer, not only because the curious arguments are useless against the forcefulness of the facts, but because in the majority of cases each justification borders with stupidity and falls into the ridiculous.