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Bolivia is in the last place due to lack of budgetary transparency

From ANF [Fides News Agency]:


It reached just 12 points due to lack of appropriate publications from the project’s budget and for not spreading understandable information for the population in general, the rating is on a 100 point scale.

2013-02-06 02.09.47 pmLa Paz, 26 Jan (ANF) – with only 12 points out of 100, the country [Bolivia] is in last place of budgetary transparency, the culprit is the absence of timely publications of the draft budget of the State and understandable information for the population in general.

Thus informs the Center for Labor and Agrarian Development (CEDLA) with the qualification of international initiative of open budget (IPA), promoted by the International Budget Partnership (IBP).

“Bolivia is the country with the lowest rating in the region, and in the last three reports this situation has not changed.” Very close to us are Ecuador and Venezuela with a score of 31 and 37 points, respectively,”says CEDLA.

The main cause of this low score is that the Government did not publish the draft budget, which is “one of the eight key documents that are valued” in the index, says the Center.

“The IBP believes that open budgets enable you to judge whether Government officials are good stewards of public funds. In addition, transparent and participatory budgets can increase the resources available for combating poverty since they reduce the spaces of corruption and the discretionary spending”, designates the IBP in its website.

“Bolivia is the only country that does not publish or makes available to the public the draft budget at the moment in which the Executive Body presented to the legislature for corresponding treatment,” the report said.

In addition that “it is one of the countries that does not prepare and publish a national budget, document written in everyday language with a content that expresses the central themes of public policy for the following fiscal year”, details the CEDLA.

According to the data of the “2012 open budget survey”, budget citizen was released in 27 countries, while 79 States, of the 100 evaluated, disseminate the draft budget.

“One of the main reasons for such low rating has to do with the missing publication of draft budget,” says the report.

Result, [Bolivia got] 12 out of 100 points, “should be a call to the public authorities to incorporate good international practices in budgetary transparency within their institutional actions”, calls the CEDLA, who serves as national counterpart of the IBP, driving entity of budgetary transparency survey. //JTI//


And current government claims to be open and transparent…