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Evo says that he is not eternal…

Gary Antonio Rodríguez Álvarez superb writing for El Deber:

Evo says that he is not eternal…

Gary RodriguezWhenever someone speaks of eternity I like to investigate, because life and death are two inseparable facets of the human being. What caught my attention was the statement of President Morales, who said: “Evo is passed, Evo is not eternal…”, haranguing his social bases to seek new leaders for – beyond – to continue with the ‘process of change’.

Apart from saying that he would not be eternally in power, he urged his followers to remain united, setting aside personal interests or with a project to keep the defense of the natural resources, reminding the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, who then recommended: “unite or sink (…), we have to unite, but based on our values and principles, and of course, to a (…) program that allows you to release socially, the Bolivian people”.

In relation to this: is set for men to die once, and after that, the trial. Sooner or later we all leave this world, which should lead us to ponder the eternal life after death. With regard to find new future leaders, those who dare to such challenge must know that things will not be as easy as until today, as the economic cycle – as well as human life – also has a home, a peak and an end.

On the invocation of the unity, would be nice for Bolivia and not only for a political party. What good would be to see all Bolivians live and thrive in harmony, without ideological barriers, in brotherly love and respect for nature (no priority over the man, whom nobody should own, or the State itself). As to liberate the people, economic emancipation could come from the ability to ‘do’, but there is another freedom better, to ‘ be ‘. The first can be achieved without principles or moral values. Its success is ephemeral and expensive: many artists, athletes and politicians that began well and ended badly, know about it. The end does not justify the means. I remember even the one who spoke of “a Viet Nam, two Viet Nam, three Viet Nam…” to free Latin America. It was Che and Chavez, of whom [the latter], I wonder if in his current situation, would say it again.

Be aware that one is not eternal and that one day we will realize as much as we did on Earth, it should lead us to do good, never evil. Real freedom has to do with access to the truth, which is Jesus Christ.