What to expect from current Bolivian president…

Pagina Siete’s editorial:

The accompaniment to President Morales

2012-11-20 09.13.30 amEvo Morales, the President of the State, usually travels with some frequency throughout the national territory to inaugurate any type of work that would have been finished, present others which are initiated or are in stage of final design project as usually he labels them.

It is his way of taking forward the destiny of the country and does so with a remarkable exertion, on the one hand, as he has to find, in addition, spaces to meet with his close associates, Ministers and advisers and impart the presidential orders that mark his management at the head of the nation.

Evo Morales must add his travels abroad with various reasons of State. I.e., deploys an effort that far exceeds any presidential dynamic that is has had knowledge, at least in the recent years.

For this reason, during his public appearances, especially when mistakes have been made by his Government and its adherents, he is seen with an ostensible frown shirred, even annoying. His face shows been visibly affected, by some events such as those registered in recent weeks, and no wonder.

Morales, on many occasions, stated that indigenous people constitute the moral reserve of humanity. He said in October 2007 in New York, on the occasion of the United Nations Assembly, repeated in other political rallies in Bolivia during the 42 anniversary of creation of the municipality of Incahuasi and other various opportunities, making reference to the human capital that represents the base of the ruling MAS.

Therefore, and with some reason he looks uncomfortable when he has to give the face against serious errors of guilt, that some people of his confidence in his Government and clearly they do not accompany him, at least not in the tangible reality.

In the field of corruption, for example, the cases in the State company YPFB petroleum, initially with Santos Ramírez, the second man of the MAS, and then with the still dark research on the plant of urea and ammonia in Bulo Bulo have blurred the image of the Government.

The same happened with the network of extortion to judges and prosecutors organised nothing less that from the supposedly most influential ministries and undeniable major weight politician of his Government.

This reprehensible network of extortion investigation progresses, but certainly to a reprehensible slowness that breaks with the principle of celerity that establishes the criminal procedure.

This – although less important – should add a large number of authorities, surprised masistas, almost all drunk, starring in traffic accidents, that a good while ago have ceased to be an anecdote.

However, the case that must be exhausting the presidential patience is what happened recently in the departmental Assembly [Congress] of Chuquisaca, where it was, with unexpected clarity, offered by the security cameras, the abuse of power by Assembly members from the MAS, in detriment of the Bolivian woman, in the specific case of the cleaning service worker which is subjected to the arrogant abuse of these potential bearers of power. [the person in charge of the security cameras was sent to jail and the rapist is out there, free [as of 1/20/13], saying he was drunk and doesn’t recall anything!]

To make matters worse, the Governor of Chuquisaca, Esteban Urquizo, speaks of a montage of the opposition, the same is claimed unexpectedly by the “bartolinas” [Aymara women’s group that support this president] and, on the other hand, the Minister of Justice, Cecilia Ayllón, who, invited the aggrieved to denounce “If she felt aggrieved” [a woman saying the raped this… hard to believe how far can acolytes go to remain in power…]. So much derision that supposed to sustain that complaint to the attacked, by the unfortunate criminal intricacies, it may be that in procedural terms, it may be complicated to convict the guilty, but there are other roads to be taken and drastically, especially if the authorities of the MAS want to accompany the willingness of President Morales.

For example, isn’t it illegal to use official venues in unlawful actions or of a particular entertainment? [this disgusting rape took place after as “end-of-the-year” party, where they drank like Cossacks]


Current government turned out to be as corrupt as any other, that demagogue sentence that they were clean/honest, unlike the whites or mestizo is just crap! “Moral reserve of humanity”!! yeah… sure.

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