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Amazon under pressure, will Bolivia do something about it?!

Miriam Telma Jemio writes for Pagina Siete:

Amazon under pressure

2013-02-25 07.43.53 am

A group of researchers from nine countries conducted an unpublished work on the Amazon and the major threats that faces, which are reflected in the atlas: Amazon under pressure, which includes stunning photographs on the subject.

In mapping language, the work presents a glance on the current pressures and potential threats to a region of 7.8 million square kilometers shared by Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela and French Guiana, home to 33 million people, including 385 indigenous Peoples.

The atlas is the result of the cooperation effort, initiated in 2007, among organizations of civil society and research, in the field of the Amazonian network of socio-environmental information geo-referenced (RAISG), which Friends of Nature Foundation [FAN] is part of.

The research contains updated information on roads, oil and gas, mining, hydroelectric, sources of heat and deforestation, which is described in maps for each country’s Amazonian forests, throughout the Amazon.

The atlas also provides data for protected natural Areas, indigenous territories and watersheds.


Bolivia needs badly a coherent, sustainable public policy; however current government’s intention to cut the TIPNIS in half with a road, gives certainly NO hope at all…