Only in current Bolivia… what a shame of this political style!

Current Bolivian government continues to show it cares very little of laws and manipulates them at will. Estefany Claros Aldana reports for El Dia:

Adriana Gil prepares an injunction to avoid suspension

The opposition Deputy, from National Convergence (CN), Adriana Gil, announced that she is preparing a Constitutional Protection [Amparo Constitucional] to avoid being suspended, as requested by the Ethics Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

She insisted that the process against her has no basis and that it is only due to political ends that have other types of intentions.

The parliamentary is accused by her pair of the movement toward socialism (MAS), Galo Bonifaz and the Vice-Minister of decolonization, Felix Cardenas, for alleged acts of discrimination against President Evo Morales, whom she called “unfair and liar”, when defending the indigenous people of the Indigenous Territory and Isiboro Secure National Park (TIPNIS) who reject the construction of a road through the nature reserve.

Legal actions. Gil, in contact with El Dia, announced that in the ‘Amparo’ that she will present, will detail the acts of discrimination that in her view Bonifaz and Cardenas have committed against her.

She stressed that, although she expects negative results to her requests, will continue with legal procedures. “The Constitution is above any regulation.” What they have done with me is a political rematch, they want to get rid of me, but they have no argument, accuses me of what is false. “There is some hate towards women who are new to the ‘movement’, hate that I do not understand”, said the lawmaker who will be suspended for three months.

However, for Gil, the process against her will be extended to take her away from the Audit Office. “The suspension will end in three months and something will be invented to distance me a little more,” added the congresswoman stating that in her interpretation, this is a political persecution, and that as evidence, clearly is the denunciation of the same Bonifaz and Cardenas who at once became judge and part arguing and claiming that it incurred in discrimination.

For their part, CN caucus at the head of its President Luis Felipe Dorado, said they will take action on the issue and that they will support the actions Gil takes to defend herself. “We will initiate an inquiry into this Act of persecution and will reach all instances that are needed to reverse this outrage,” said Dorado.

The Ethics Commission is formed mostly by members of Parliament belonging to the MAS.

Battle. Adriana Gil, who leads the political group “Is Possible”, announced that she will recover more force for the national elections in 2014, where will face the Morales movement. “I feel discriminated by being in the opposition.” I am working with the political team to go to the Presidency, will be united with those who think and act just as with our democratic force in 2014, I know that I have the support of many people. “I stress that I have not changed the discourse, I still have the same position, here what changed course was the movement that was driven”, reiterated.

In response to criticism and statements of the Deputy Gil, Galo Bonifaz indicated that the process against the opposition Deputy does not have political tints, but she acted in bad faith with the President of the country. “There is no envy, hatred, bad attitude with the Member as it is out there, the Ethics Commission issued its report and now the House must decide,” said Bonifaz, in time to announce that next week will discuss similar cases of six parliamentarians, including another opponent from Santa Cruz, Jéssica Echeverría.

Echeverria is accused for alleged insult to the wiphala on August 6, 2011.

Point of view

“Political power imposes its views legally”

The suspension has been given, which could come later are actions of political power that is imposing their visions of legal form. They are making a political persecution. This is a decision of an authoritarian nature that seeks to disqualify opposition authorities, seeks to silence and intimidate leading citizens.

This type of short-term actions will bring good effects for the Government, no doubt the results will be good because it will alienate the opposition, but in the long-term these decisions will cause a deep rejection on citizenship.

Today in Parliament everything is an area of limitations, unfortunately the members have lost the right to express their thoughts freely. However, these actions will end up measuring the quality of our democracy and elections in 2014 the population will give its verdict.

Carlos Cordero, Political Analyst

Personal comments… none as they could be used to stir trouble on to me… you know by whom… LOL

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