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Fire season in Bolivia or simple stupidity?!

It puzzles and infuriates  me when this time of the year comes and our beautiful country fills with smoke of controlled and uncontrolled fires… slush and burn practices continue, systematically damaging our health, our environment… ALL government (national, regional, municipal) fail to take appropriate action!

Manuel Filomeno reports for Pagina Siete:

In a single day, last Wednesday [9/12/12], there were 631 fires across the country

Heat sources affect two protected areas and a reserve

The phenomenon produced by the clearings incidence decreased compared to the same period in 2011
Manuel Filomeno / La Paz – 09 15, 2012

Two protected areas in the Department of Santa Cruz and a forest reserve of La Paz are affected by heat [fire] sources. Only on Wednesday,  September 12, 631 fires occurred throughout the country, of which 212 were in Yungas.

According to the latest report of the national service of meteorology and hydrology (Senamhi), dating from that date, of the total number of sources of heat (burning or clearings that can result in fire), 194 took place in Ixiamas, the province where is the Iturralde forest reserve.

However, the Department most affected by the fires is Santa Cruz, where there is a yellow alert. Certain sectors of the protected areas of San Matías and Noel Kempff Mercado were affected, according to the report of the Senamhi.

Orlando Chura, technician specialized in pockets of heat from that Division of the State, noted that this trend will be maintained and will even increase in the next few days, due to lack of rainfall in the country. “Expected that pockets of heat recorded an increase until next Tuesday [9/18/12], when the rains will begin”, said.

The possibility of that is unwinding fire increases, according to Chura, are due to the possible rise of temperatures in the national territory. “For example, we expect that Santa Cruz reaches a top of 42 degrees Celsius by Tuesday.”

“Weather conditions that are expected are the conducive to the spread of fire, let us hope that this does not happen,” said the official.

Other pockets of heat in affected areas, are in the departments of Beni and Pando, however, their impact is considerably lower than in other years.

Admiral Romeo Vega, director of emergency and relief of the Vice Ministry of Civil Defense, said that with regard to last year, pockets of heat have declined, however, these are occurring in areas in which there were in 2011.

“Last year, the highest incidence was recorded in Baures and Magdalena, Beni;” “while this year has grown in the South of Santa Cruz and North of La Paz”, pointed out.

He added that, although pockets of heat have increased compared to last year, “that does not mean that also have increased forest fires”.

On criterion of Vega, this responds to the education and awareness campaigns carried out Civil Defense in different regions of the country.

Vega, however, recognizes that even not season ends clearings – preparation of soil for sowing, through the burning – and that the landscape could change in the coming days, as a result of the heat wave that is expected for the next week in the country, especially in the Chaco.


This is from last year’s, La Razon, October 14, 2011:

It portrays government in action…

The title above reads “enters in force the strategic national mechanism against slush and burn practices”

Rainfall hitting pyromaniacs and governmental “effort”