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Changes? If in six years, nothing has changed!

Today, I will share El Diario’s editorial as it reveals our present…

Changes? If in six years, nothing has changed!

When the December 2005 election results were known and determined the ascension to the Government of Mr. Evo Morales and his party MAS, the first official announcements consisted of trying to convince people about “politics of change” that would be imposed to renew economic and moral structures that guided the life of the country.

The population, divided between skeptics and optimistic, believed that ads were simple propaganda, or the others who, tired of the old moral structures believed that changes of ancient practices that adversely affected the country would have effectively and that, in cases, plunged it into abject poverty and dependence.

The truth for the country was that, despite the constant announcements of the regime, if there were changes in certain practices of partisan politics and, above all, the intention to pass a Socialist left-wing regime because, he said, [due] to the failure of imperialism and capitalism that “not brought nothing but poverty and backwardness to the country”. These changes are mostly demagogic expressions because it has never actually changed the problems that afflicted the country since always: corruption and poverty.

From the same foundation of the Republic the year 1825, partisan policies imposed by various groups and several Governments, were imposed in national life, and the most important thing was to build and what had to take as essential in national life program and awareness of country, there was none. The various Governments – constitutional, de facto or totalitarian – always expressed the urgency of serving the country and did not serve; However, the practice of the supporters of those Governments and policies to let do and let pass, gave rise to increase corruption and, with it, as part of their sins and weaknesses, the ‘I don’t care’ for national interests.

Processes with populists words abounded: national revolution, renewal process, liberating revolution, institutionalization, rule of the Constitution and the laws, restorative revolution, endless etcetera that lasts until today. How much [did we] move forward? What actual changes were there in the conduct of national interests? How, how much and where [was] corruption fought? How many million dollars mean change in the corrupt and the corrupters who carried the country down the slopes? Of what they charged populism, anarchy and carelessness “liberating revolutions” served?

The Government of the MAS fell, therefore on the same slope and changes, despite thousands of ads, there have been none, and the serious misdeeds embedded by corruption, ‘don’t care’, inefficiency, smuggling, the subjugation of private properties, irresponsible public bureaucracy increased, the misuse of budget headings, official evil performance in the three powers of the State and other many extremes that attempted Governments against the same current rating and the country, what changed and what are its benefits? Who or who would say that we have made progress, and thus there have been economic failures, have at least corrected the moral evils that have sown seeds of greater poverty, inefficiency and immorality against the country have grown, and in cases, has been institutionalized? It would be constructive that someday, be given answers to questions that always expects the country.


Depressing, infuriating and challenging, WE must revert this, rebuild Bolivia, heal our wounds and reconvene under our mestizo nationality and heritage. Think very carefully how you will vote on 2014…