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TIPNIS: Chaparina without justice!!

This is an Editorial from El Deber:

Chaparina without Justice

A year after having happened, it is still present in the collective memory, the brutal repression in Chaparina against hundreds of men, women and children marching in defense of their territory against the construction of a road through the heart of the TIPNIS. In that place where were camping the participants of the VIII Indigenous March, a group of 500 anti-riot police lashed out at the unsuspecting marchers. It was not difficult to reduce them to blows then undermined them and gagging them. The goal of dismantling the protest was half fulfilled because a spontaneous solidarity citizen reaction prevented in San Borja and Rurrenabaque that the marchers were transferred with unknown destination in aircraft of the Bolivian air force waiting for them.

A year after those deplorable events, the Justice of the plurinational State has not sanctioned the outrage because the process against those responsible is paralyzed, without registering any progress since the preparatory phase. It is a justice with independence from political into question power and a system that has not established any difference with the previous so questioned by ignoring the rights of the weak and favoring the stronger, to the bearers of power, with an aura of impunity.

So it is explained, that they were only charged for the prosecutors assigned to the case, a former national Deputy Commander of police and a former Interior Regime vice-minister.

In the upper levels of the Government, they shrug shoulders and in a solemn way spoke of one, up to now, not precised ‘break in the chain of command’ as a result of the police operation and the beating against the marchers. Other persons involved in the offences of abduction, harassment and genocide in Chaparina as the former Minister of Government, Sacha Llorenti, and the former police intelligence chief, Víctor Maldonado, in addition to being excluded from the process, were ‘rewarded’: Llorenti as Bolivian Ambassador to the UN and Maldonado as national police commander. There was, among so many mists, a worthy gesture that corresponded to the then Minister of defence, Cecilia Chacón, who resigned after the brutality unleashed against the defenders of the TIPNIS .

Chaparina and September 25, 2011. There is no justice for the victims of the unpunished abuse of power. But since a year ago, that place and that time correspond to the registration of a dark chapter in our national history always eventful.


So, it is hereby registered so no one forgets ever!