Daily Archives: September 6, 2012

Totalitarian fashion

Humberto Vacaflor describes wonderfully what happens here and there… from El Deber:

Totalitarian fashion

It is inevitable. Dictators hate freedom of the press. When they have decided to be dictators, the first thing they do is put an end to freedom of the press.

So did Mussolini in 1924, Hitler in 1933, Chávez in 2004.

Hitler did after catching fire in the Parliament. It seems that there was a constant. After a blow to the Parliament, is given a blow to journalism.

As a grotesque parody, a ‘gaga’ mayor of our geography has just launched against journalism after taking a blow on the City Council.

Shock journalism may also result from some mistakes, politicians make.

A President who does not control his tongue and say awkward things, thinks he will confuse people or lessen the severity of his words by attacking journalism.

His defense is equivalent to saying that the microphone was wrong and distorted the words of the loose mouth.

A healthy advice would be to tell this mister to think before he speaks, what intends to say. More likely he will end speaking very little, or no longer speak, but this is a method that would help everyone. And it would be better to propose he makes the test of governing rather than talking.

Stay in his Office knowing how things are and discover why his Minister of economy is so anxious, it might be a good exercise. It could be silent horror.

Attack journalism is useless. Break the mirror does not help anything to the ugly Princess. This is known always, but the dictators, those who are openly or those who are so overlapped, deceitful, devious, have to prove. And all reach the same outcome.

Those who have the temptation to put an end to freedom of the press should remember that their heroes ended up badly. Mussolini hung from a tree, Hitler committed suicide, and Chavez is about to be defeated.