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Santa Cruz proves it one more time! WE PRODUCE, WE WORK!!!

This news proves, one more time that people in Santa Cruz do work!

Written by Henrry Ugarte from El Deber:

50% of the harvest exceeded  and call quickly to export sugar

Guabirá and Unagro fear that ‘over stocking’ may affect

Sugar mills Guabirá and Unagro exceeded half of the 2012 harvest and, in both cases, are heading to the two million quintals of sugar produced, so [they] asked the Government to quickly give the permissions’ extension and increase quotas for the sugar export.

The President of Guabirá Sugar Mill (IAG), Carlos Rojas, said yesterday that the industry reached an overproduction and complained to the lock that exists on the part of the Government to export sugar.

According to Rojas, the over-accumulation is causing deposits from the factory to begin to fill up and even warned that a lot of cane may lay idle in the crop fields, if the Government [does not respond] faster and enlarges the quota to sell sugar abroad.

The Guabirá Sugar Mill has 65% of harvest, production levels that by Wednesday, exceeded the 1,680,000 quintals of sugar.

For this harvest, Guabirá is planning to produce more than 3.1 million quintals, with only 400,000 that can be exported.

On the other hand, the Unagro Corporation did part of the advancement of the sugar cane collection [zafra] and already surpassed 50% and so far have produced 1.7 million quintals.

According to the CEO of Unagro, Marcelo Fraija, although they already handled the possibility of renting warehouses for the storage of the product, ideally [would be to] speed up the licensing process to export, because after a missed opportunity in the U.S. market, they now have to give certainty to potential purchasers of sugar in Peru, Colombia and Chile.

For the President of the agricultural Chamber of the East (CAO), Julio Roda, a theme which concerns to the sector and that should be treated with the Executive is that for exports, [it should be] taking into account good sales of rice and sugar that were lost. This year is expected to produce about 120,000 tons to sell abroad.

With these positive figures, Roda said the Government should already release an export of the fresh product so not to lose markets, as it has already happened with the 2011 to the United States share.

The country consumes 7.5 million quintals of sugar annually and production exceeds 10 million. [SO… do the math, please!!!]

Recently the Government released 12,000 tons for export to the U.S., but the mills could not sell because the permission came out late. [WTH??!!]

Yesterday, the Deputy Minister of internal trade and exports, Huascar Ajata, could not answer the call, but from his Office, they told that the representation from the mills did not reached La Paz [yet, and then we complain fpr not generating revenues, employment, while smuggling is well alive and kicking].

To know

– Guabirá. So far, it has more than 1.1 million quintals of sugar over-accumulated. Yesterday, this industry executives delivered 10 trucks to distributors to increase the quota of distribution to all the neighborhoods of Santa Cruz.

– Order. Between all the factories of the country that produce sugar, they are able to export between 100,000 and 120,000 tons until end of year. And will carry out commercial efforts in the United States to advance the 2013 national quota. [why do we have to go through this ordeal? I hope government comes to its senses and speeds and supports the productive sector of Bolivia!]

– Quotas. Between January and July 2012, 14,138 tons, of the authorized 32,500 tons were exported by the authorized sugar mills. The cañeros [sugar cane producers] also claim because they do not have liquidity to pay suppliers or workers who cut the raw material.