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Bolivia’s ranking in WEF’s Global Competitiveness Report 2012 – 2013

Bolivia needs to improve fast! we are currently in the 104 out of 144 countries, long way back from competitiveness that we need to fight poverty, corruption and bad politics.

Los Tiempos reports, only excerpts are included that pertain to Bolivia, will be placed below next to the excerpts and further down some graphs from the original document (click here for the doc):

The 2012-2013 Global competitiveness report presented yesterday in Geneva by the World Economic Forum (WEF), which analyzes the situation of 144 countries.


The 39th sits Chile, the first Latin American country in the list, which followed Panama (40), Brazil (48), Mexico (53), Costa Rica (57), Peru (61), Colombia (69), Uruguay (74), Ecuador (86), Honduras (90), Argentina (94), El Salvador (101), Bolivia (104), Dominican Republic (105), Nicaragua (108), Paraguay (116) and Venezuela (126).

The report considers that if the region improve their problems of insecurity and infrastructure, and invest more and better in education to be able to respond to the demands of research and development, multiply their levels of competitiveness and greater economic and commercial results obtained.


Here the background, notice the gap between us and our ‘latin’ brethren:








Here some more data, please note that on the graph to the right, the further away from the center is the better for any country; Bolivia remains inside the 1 to 2 economies in transition category…

and now:

So, our government must stop harassing our private sector, to start with, lift those ridiculous and useless bans on our exports!