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An excellent article by El Diario, an excellent speech by IBCE’s president:

IBCE demands legal certainty and clear rules

The President of the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Commerce (IBCE), José Luis Landívar Bowles, stated that Bolivia private entrepreneurs may not plan their business strategies due to the uncertainty that exists in the country and called for legal certainty and clear rules to be able to produce and export.

So he said it, during his speech at the ceremony of the official opening of the “Salon of the Exporter”, organized by IBCE and the Chamber of Exporters of Santa Cruz, in the context of the 2012 Expocruz.

“It is not possible to plan medium and long term in an environment of uncertainty, where the logistics for example, can not be obtained overnight,” said Landivar.

He said the private sector is asking clear game rules and predictability in time and accordingly, invest, produce, export and thereby, generate more and better jobs.

“Is our permanent clamor, that the productive sector be given legal certainty, the possibility of being able to export the surplus generated without difficulties, without restrictions, and to support these actions with public policies”, he added.

He recalled that the Government continually challenged to invest the private sector but does not provide State policies that help entrepreneurs plan and build competitiveness in foreign markets.

“We need a State that connect our productive potential to the world and that does not see in the producer an opponent, but rather an ally under these policies with security that we invest more” pointed out.


He said that despite the fact that the figures for domestic exports grew last year, they could have reached a higher rate considering the prices and high demand for food in foreign markets.

“Although 2011 sales external of the country exceeded $9 million dollars, and it is likely that this year, we reach easily 10 million.” “Our concern is born because the Government is giving 80% priority to exporting products like gas and minerals and leaves aside manufactured and food products that have a good price in the external market and have high demand” he said.

In turn, he pointed out that the”primary exporter” economic policy that the country has, is not sustainable, because when the rise of prices of raw materials is over, a debacle is envisioned.

“Employers are concerned, because Bolivian economy has returned in recent years to the primary goods, becoming “Rentier”, becoming heavily dependent and vulnerable of what can happen with the raw materials in a wildly volatile and changing world” said the President of the IBCE.


Mentioned that employers suggested the Government, coordination between public and private companies that have vision and responsibility to opt for non-traditional exports.

“That is why of our permanent request, about the necessity of creating public-private synergies, with a vision and shared responsibilities, to rather bet on non-traditional exports, those that rely on agricultural, agribusiness, forestry, manufacturing and craftsmanship, to be obliged to be competitive in foreign markets, those that can remain when the economic cycle is down,” said the representative.


One of the best speeches of this year, kudos to Mr. Landivar!