What to do with those Bolivian children who work dangerously?

An important finding that must be resolved ASAP. Marco Curi reports for El Dia:

According to data from UNICEF in Bolivia

There are 246 thousand children who do dangerous work

Studies. UN proposes coordinated work with entrepreneurs.

In Bolivia there are 246 thousand children and adolescents, which engage in hazardous work, according to data from the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef).

That is why this agency is conducting a series of initiatives with public institutions and private companies, to reduce the number of minors who work and increase their inclusion in schools.

Ludwig Guendel, Unicef’s Deputy Representative, said that according to statistics handled by the Ministry of labor with the support of the ILO [International Labor Organization] and the entity that represents, 22,270 children dedicate their time to work and perform household chores.

“In addition we are concerned that 258,940 children work and are cared for by one of their parents;” “200 thousand distributed their time at work and home activities, and study; and 30 thousand work at night,” it was reported.

He said that to reduce these rates, the Unicef is working in coordination with the State bodies for the implementation of public policies in favor of children.

Partnership with the business sector. In order to promote the values of children, Unicef made an agreement with the exhibition fair (Fexpo): participates in the trade fair exhibition with a stand which includes the presence of 300 volunteers.

“Their task is to disseminate the rights of children in order to seek to raise the business sector and the public in general, so children study and avoid being employed in dangerous activities,” said the Unicef representative.

He also stressed that within the social and corporate responsibility, since yesterday and until today, there is a second Forum on the topic.

The event takes place in the Camino Real Hotel, Marayau salon. Seeks, in addition, to know the experiences of companies to contribute in the field of the care of children.

Improve the social condition. The Deputy Representative of Unicef said that the purpose of the Corporate Social responsibility initiative is to improve the condition of children.

“An example of the support of private institutions is to contribute to public policy”, commented. He indicated that business work can be done with the injection of additional resources in projects that contribute to the defense and promotion of the rights of children and adolescents in Bolivia.


I believe this has to start with responsible parenting, some of our citizens do have too many children they can take care of or provide for them. A given household does earn just a fixed amount, regardless of how many children they have; the more they are, the income has to be divided for that number. Thus, many of those innocent children, have to earn their living.

Problems at childhood result in some bad citizens, depressed, worn out and with little self-esteem; which result in adults who tend to do the same to their own children. If Bolivia wants to change this, change must come from inside families.

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