We are three million Bolivians living abroad

Alexander Terrazas reports for El Dia:

According to a report of the human pastoral care

There are three million Bolivians abroad

Exodus. In Argentina there are 1,200,000 compatriots, the rest is distributed in Brazil with some 600,000, followed by Spain and USA. We have [hold] 700 refugees.

The output of compatriots abroad is increasing more and more. At least three million Bolivians are quality migrants abroad, according to a report released by the Pastoral Human Mobility.

At the same time, made mention that there are 700 foreign refugees in Bolivia, the majority of Colombian nationality and many problems of documentation, according to the report.

The Bolivian population is concentrated in Argentina. Mario Videla, national coordinator of the pastoral care of human mobility, reported to El Dia that one of the main causes for this phenomenon is the extreme poverty and the lack of appropriate public policies to overcome this aspect, which worsened since 1985. “Argentina presents the second generation with approximately 1,200,000 Bolivians, the rest are divided into Brazil with about 600,000, followed by Spain, and United States;” “Although there are Bolivians who send us information from Sweden, Finland and Netherlands”, says Videla and emphasizes that, despite the efforts of combating poverty by the national Government, Bolivians are leaving the country because there are no economic conditions to retain them.

The decisive cause is economic. In the view of Videla, many Bolivian migrants abroad “have to forget their culture and adopt the culture where they live to be accepted” in the country of residence, according to the report. The compatriots who migrated in the interior, which will be from one Department to another, they face problems from lack of work, health and education services. The Permanent Assembly of human rights of Bolivia (APDHB), establishes that the phenomenon is one decisive causal, is the economic issue. “The application of economic measures that threaten to large majorities forced internal migration, but also to the external”, he says.


Kudos to all you living abroad, you have the guts and love for your families, my respect to every one of you!!!

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